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Jiexun, which in Chinese language means “National Hero”, is a concept for a vehicle, which combines characteristics of station wagons and MPV’s with rather sporty lines. Thus its height is lower than most MPV’s and slightly higher than most station wagons. Its flexible arrangement of interior permits its customer multiple use accordingly to his needs, like:

–       A roomy limousine with 4 seats and ample luggage space for businessman as a mobile office

–       a 6 seater it is ideal for families

–    a people carrier for young people traveling together for sport, holydays, etc. or with two people can be used for traveling with a lot of luggage.

Its styling proposes harmonious combination of sharper lines and soft surfaces, both converse and concaves anticipating future production cars shapes. It has sculptural form combining the aggressive look of a sports coupe with the simplicity and functionalism of station wagons and MPV’s. Its one box shape makes it look more compact than station wagons yet less massive than MPV’S.

Jiexun has an arrow shaped top plan view inspired by stealth aircrafts but also dictated by practical reasons like less obstruction in tight turning maneuvers and improving performance in offset crash.

The front is characterized by a high bumper divided in three parts for easier repair, pointed delta shaped front hood and slim highly located headlamps improving protection in case of crash and are composed by six small lenses connected through fiber optics with main central light source actively tracking movement of steering wheels providing illumination also inside tight road turns. At the rear the same system is used for taillights. Additional novelty features are:

–       Solar cells on the roof panels captures solar energy and feed up small air conditioning unit “preparing” right climate for passengers when the car is parked: cool in hot days and warm in cold ones, and also helping in driving conditions to save energy.

–       Front and rear video cameras for easy parking maneuvers.

This variety of body types create possibility of making very suitable for future Chinese market, keeping investment cost low but covering wide range of vehicles satisfying different customers using synergies among various models.

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