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I.DE.A Institute

Europe Car of The Year
  • 1989 Europe Car of The Year
Car Design Award Production
  • 1989 Car Design Award Production


Est. 1978

The I.De.A Institute was founded in Turin in 1978 by Franco Mantegazza, based in an eighteenth-century villa on the Moncalieri hill and the contribution of great names in design, such as Renzo Piano, Rudolf Hruska or Ettore Cordiano, former director FIAT technician. In recent years it underwent many changes of ownership and a progressive restructuring. In 2009 it returned after 10 years to the Geneva Motor Show, where it presented the ERA prototype, a two-seater sports car built on a carbon-coated steel monocoque frame. After being part of the Swiss Rieter group, in 2010 it was acquired by the German group Quantum Kapital AG. Finally, in 2012 it was acquired by the company MPS Automotive, also in difficulty, for a relaunch of the overall activities in the new company thus created. In 2014 it became an independent company, separating itself from ModelMaster and changing company name, from Idea Institute Spa to Idea Institute SRL. In March 2018, after more than 10 years, it returned to the Geneva Motor Show, where it presented the VENERE prototype, a fully electric and running car. In January 2019, the Turin court officially declared bankruptcy.

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