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The first (and only) existing electric limousine, Venere – Dna related to Renzo Piano and design cost of 20 million euros – arrived at the Court’s judicial sales institute. It will soon be sell off starting from a base price of around 200 thousand euros, according to the first indications of the expert. A treat for collectors and connoisseurs.
As for Venere, the prototype was presented at Geneva Motor Show last year: five meters long, four electric motors, lithium-ion batteries, carbon frame, maximum speed 250 km/h and a range of 500 kilometers. The supercar was conceived by the Idea Institute founded in 1978 by Renzo Piano and engineer Franco Mantegazza. At that point the Chinese group Lvchi came forward, which had partnered with Idea, committing to produce 450 cars a year. The Chinese should have come to Turin, in the former headquarters of Carrozzeria Bertone, to open an electric supercar factory. On the plate there were 40 million investments, half for production and half for research and development. Eventually Lvchi slipped out of the deal. For the managers of Idea a real “aggravated fraud” that led to the declaration of bankruptcy, in January. All assets, including the Venere prototype, were taken over by the Court. Together with the Venere, Sivag will auction off the projects, the drawings and the patent: “Everything that could be used to resume production – says Albino Bertoletti, who leads the company -. If anyone ever meant to do it. “

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