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Lamborghini – Diablo


Vehicle Overview

Automobili Lamborghini contacted Marcello Gandini to design the successor to the Lamborghini Countach, after the 25th Anniversary was created in a hurry, the Diablo was supposed to be ready by now, but design and testing took longer than expected and the Countach was redesigned to make it more up to date, hence the 25th Anniversary.

The Gandini design was very futuristic and aggressive looking, like the Countach was back in the Seventies, now the engine cover was made in glass, but in the early testing phase this arrangement didn’t cool the engine enough, so the idea was abandoned. The original Gandini design was later used for the Cizeta Moroder because at this time Automobili Lamborghini SpA was bought by Chrysler, and they changed the original design completely, this hybrid was compared to the Countach and a Ferrari Testa Rossa on an enclosed part of the factory parking lot. This way it was easier to get an overall impression of the new Diablo super car compared to the rival Testa Rossa. Even Lee Iacocca was present at this comparison, the new Diablo didn’t quite live up to the expectations and the Chrysler design was altered again, this time to something much closer to the final Diablo.

Technical Specifications

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    Marcello Gandini

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