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Midway between modern and traditional craftsmanship, Woody is an innovative re-design of the historic Traveller.

The Castagna studio, which lays claim to being the first company in Italy to produce this version, offers the model to its customers as a superlative blend of the warm tones of ebony and the smell of leather and hide, all drawn together by the natural weave of wickerwork.

The exterior is also highly prized: enhanced by twenty wooden inserts, carved by the best cabinet makers, perfectly matched with the vehicle’s body-colour so as to satisfy even the most demanding aesthete.

The interior too is excellent: its frame enhances every instrument in the dashboard and each seat is enhanced by the use of natural hide and expensive fabrics.

Not forgetting the rear, it is completed by a series of wickerwork panels that protect the finishes, and luggage cover made up of two parts, one moveable and the other fixed.

Technical Specifications

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  • Coachbuilder
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  • Designer
    Gioacchino Acampora

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