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Opel – Kadett Cabrio


Vehicle Overview

The Opel Kadett Cabrio signalled the beginning of a partnership between Bertone and General Motors which is still going strong today and continues to feature important developments. In 1986 Opel asked Nuccio Bertone to create a cabriolet version of the popular German compact: not just feasibility studies and prototypes, but the complete production of the latest Opel creation. Bertone once more proved itself a reliable partner right across the board, able to supply creative input as well as produce models for the mass market. The new version of the Kadett Cabrio retains the personality of the marque, but with an original twist. A very driveable car, with great lines and superb proportions. Engine sizes were 1300 cc., 1400 cc., 1600 with a catalysed version with electronic injection, and a sporty 2000 featuring the GSI brand. 60,000 Kadett Cabrios were produced by Carrozzeria Bertone between 1987 and 1993.

Technical Specifications

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    Kadett Cabrio
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