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Peugeot – 508 RXH Gris


Vehicle Overview

The 508 Gris has two different colorings, one for each sides: on the left blue Agatha, a color that has been named after the buyer, and on the right white Paris. The bodywork also has separate colored parts with fossil wood moldings and shock-resistant profiles in special aluminum paint. Touch ups to the aerodynamics, 19 ” wheels and unusual thin headlights (obtained by covering the surface of the original ones) are the other touches brought by the designers of the Gioachino Acampora team. The interior features a patchwork of eight special materials for the upholstery, with shades of gray and brown reflections that blend with the intense black of the fabrics. The 2D print with ” wood effect ” incorporates the colors of the oak used for the upper part of the seats and for the coverings above the belt line. In the panels and on the seats, there are also inserts in blue and light blue Alcantara.

The stitching, in large caliber blue thread, underlines every coupling of material. The fossil wood is used to coat the luggage compartment. The final signature is on the dashboard, in the passenger side, where a precious inlay in colored woods recalls the greeting card from which the car was born.

Equipped with a hybrid power supply and a 1.997 cc diesel engine, the 508 RXH foresees the possibility of marching with two or four-wheel drive.

Despite the 200 HP of maximum power, the wagon emits only 108 g / km of CO2 and covers an average of 21.7 km with a liter of diesel.

Technical Specifications

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    Gioacchino Acampora

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