Alfa – 24 HP

The ALFA 24 HP is 4.1-litre four-cylinder passenger car, the first model produced by Italian car manufacturer ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili), which in 1919 would become Alfa Romeo. It was introduced in 1910, the year ALFA was founded, and produced until 1914 in ALFA’s Portello factory near Milan. The model’s name comes from its tax horsepower rating, then frequently used as vehicle designation.

The 24 HP was commercially successful and continued to be developed for a decade. In 1914 some updates transformed the 24 HP into the ALFA 20-30 HP, produced in 1914 and 1915—with some hundred cars assembled after the war in 1920. In turn the 20-30 HP evolved into the 1921–22 Alfa Romeo 20-30 ES Sport, the first car to be badged Alfa Romeo from its introduction.

In total the 24 HP and 20-30 HP were produced in 680 examples.

Year 1910
Coachbuilder Castagna
Brand Alfa Romeo
Model 24 HP
Production Limited
Units build 680
Engine 4-Cylinder inline
cc 4084
Horsepower 42
length (mm) 4360
width (mm) 1550
height (mm) 1700

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