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The Porsche Moncenisio one-off by STUDIOTORINO

© Andreas Scheidl

Named after a Piemontese alpine pass

© Andreas Scheidl

In 2014, STUDIOTORINO, the new company founded by the Stola family unveiled the Porsche Cayman one-off Moncenisio. The name is inspired by one of the most suggestive Alpine passes in Piedmont, located at an altitude of 2083 m. and one hour from Turin. The pass connects Italy to France, from the Piedmont region to the Savoyard region.

The intense blue color of the Moncenisio prototype recalls the suggestive reflections of the alpine lake, located at the top of the pass.

Its name is also related to motor racing: the “Susa – Moncenisio” race is traditionally recognized as the first uphill competition in the world. The debut edition dates back to 1902 and was won by Vincenzo Lancia on a Fiat 24 HP.

© Andreas Scheidl

Dedicated to a special person

The Porsche Moncenisio was born as heir to the STUDIOTORINO Coupé which was the RK model built for RUF in a limited serires till 2008. With the presentation of the new Cayman S type 981, STUDIOTORINO saw an opportunity to built this special one-off.

Designed by Daniele Gaglione who was in charge for the design of the Alfa Romeo 8C, this bespoke coupé has an unique and special body and was built using the mechanics of the Cayman, keeping its original engine and safety systems. The Moncenisio was carried out with the most traditional methods of the Turin craftmanship and was also admired by the Porsche Design Center, when STUDIOTORINO presented it in Weissach in 2014 on an unofficial event.

The prototype is identified by a plate with the code S.F. 1/1 and is dedicated to the memory of Francesco Stola father of Alfredo. With the Moncenisio, STUDIOTORINO aim was to share with its customers the passion for rare sports cars and at the same time, to continue the family tradition that has been present for over ninety-five years in the Italian coachbuilding sector.

© Andreas Scheidl

White Gold and a special interior

Details that matter: the Moncenisio features 3 special white gold plaques handmade by a jeweller: 2 on the exterior and 1 in the interior with a special dedication to Alfredos father. 

© Andreas Scheidl

The colors of the Moncenisio pass can be found also in the interior, with the already seen blue color of the exterior, and with the addition of 2 tones of green which recalls mountain vegetation creating a very relaxing enviornment.

The Artic Experience

In 2015 the reliability of the mechanics of the Porsche Cayman on which the Moncenisio was built and the custom elements like the new side air intakes and the front bumber were tested with a long journey of 1589 km from Rovaniemi to Nordkapp and back. From the Arctic Circle in Finland to the most northern point in the world reachable on a paved road. The goal was to test the prototype in extreme weather conditions making the Moncenisio the the first “Supercar-Fuoriserie” to reach the steel globe of Nordkapp in winter.

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To celebrate more than two centuries of experience Morgan Motor Company will collaborate with Pininfarina on a vehicle to be unveiled in 2024.

A Morgan designed by Pininfarina

Morgan’s historic headquarters, is located in England, on Pickersleigh Road near Malvern Link in Worcestershire. This is the only place in the world where Morgans are built, all unique cars assembled by hand using ash wood, aluminum and leather. From the union of this craftsmanship with Pininfarina’s style we expect a lot.

For now there are no further details, as they will be announced in 2024 during Morgan’s 115th year, however, along with the release was released the cover image, a kind of “postcard” of what it will be, a glimpse of the past combined with modern design in very deep colors that evoke tradition and elegance.

Limited edition

Since each Morgan is handmade to order, it is safe to assume that this special Morgan by Pininfarina already has a collector waiting for it. We will know more in the coming months, in the meantime let’s read with attection what Massimo Fumarola, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, said:

“Bodywork is the very essence of creating a car, and it is something we have nurtured and protected at Morgan. We have found that working by hand and not through automation and letting the heart of the creator shape a line or object is what allows the spirit of our company to shine. For us, bodywork also has an ethical significance. Making something with our hands allows us to fully understand and appreciate raw materials and to respect the environment in which they are created. Bodywork is not constrained by trends and boundaries, as we are discovering through this collaboration. The shared passion between Morgan and Pininfarina is evident and we look forward to sharing much more with our community in due course.”