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The Porsche Moncenisio: Craftsmanship, Heritage, and Unforgettable Adventures

In the illustrious world of bespoke automotive design, the Porsche Moncenisio by StudioTorino stands as a beacon of artistry, seamlessly blending impeccable craftsmanship with a rich tapestry of automotive heritage. Beyond its role as an automotive marvel, the Moncenisio serves as a poignant tribute to Alfredo Stola’s father, the visionary founder of StudioTorino, while concurrently commemorating the pioneering Susa Moncenisio hill climb of 1908 – a pivotal event that marked the genesis of uphill racing.

StudioTorino's Evolution

Founded in 2005, StudioTorino emerged as a paradigm shift in the automotive design landscape. Following the sale of Stola SPA, the company positioned itself as a custodian of artisanal craftsmanship, specializing in bespoke creations and limited series. The initial collaboration with Ruf, a prominent Porsche tuner and manufacturer, laid the groundwork for subsequent ventures, leading to the unveiling of the RK Spider in 2005 and the RK Coupé in the following year. These early endeavors served as stepping stones to the zenith of StudioTorino’s creative journey – the creation of the Porsche Moncenisio in 2014.

Design Philosophy and Inspirations

At the heart of the Moncenisio’s allure lies its meticulously crafted design, the brainchild of the visionary designer, Daniele Gaglione. Renowned for his creative brilliance, Gaglione drew inspiration from the iconic Porsche 904, weaving elements of classic elegance into the Moncenisio’s aesthetic DNA. The design seamlessly integrates cues such as the distinctive hood cap, the absence of a second side window, and the uniquely styled rear hatch – all reminiscent of the classic Porsche 904.

Alfredo Stola's Collaboration with Ferdinand A. Porsche

The Moncenisio’s design narrative is deeply entwined with Alfredo Stola’s association with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, forged during their joint venture on the Cayenne in 1999. This collaboration laid the foundation for architectural choices seen in the Moncenisio. The design echoes not only the classic 904 but also encapsulates elements that reflect the shared vision and passion of these automotive maestros.

Celebrating Handcrafted Excellence

A distinctive feature that sets the Moncenisio apart is its crafting entirely by hand, defying the conventions of modern manufacturing. Rejecting the efficiency of computer-aided design and manufacturing, the dedicated team, led by Daniele Gaglione, employed traditional tools such as chisels and sandpaper. This commitment to manual craftsmanship serves as a poignant homage to Alfredo Stola’s father, emphasizing the bespoke nature of the Moncenisio.

Details that matters

To underscore the Moncenisio’s significance as a tribute to Alfredo Stola’s father, three platinum plaques were meticulously crafted by a skilled goldsmith in Arezzo. These plaques, far surpassing mere platinum plating, stand as tangible testaments to the unparalleled attention to detail and personalization invested in this exceptional automobile.

The captivating color palette of the Moncenisio, representing the sky, lake, and pastures of the Moncenisio pass, was a result of Maria Paola Stola’s discerning eye. The careful selection of two shades of green aimed to create a visually striking and three-dimensional effect, capturing the essence of the picturesque surroundings that inspired this bespoke creation.

Daniele Gaglione's Creative Touch

It’s imperative to underscore the pivotal role played by Daniele Gaglione in bringing the Moncenisio to life. As the mastermind behind the design, Gaglione’s creative genius lent the Moncenisio its distinctive personality, seamlessly blending classic Porsche elements with contemporary aesthetics. Renowned for his prior work on the exteriors of the Alfa Romeo 8C, Gaglione’s influence is evident in the Moncenisio’s timeless design.

Extreme Adventures: From Weissach to Capo Nord

The Moncenisio’s journey from its official unveiling at the Porsche factory in Weissach to the iconic Moncenisio pass and an extraordinary expedition to Capo Nord showcased its versatility and adaptability. The daring adventure included specific modifications for extreme conditions, such as personalized wheels inscribed with the names of cities the vehicle would traverse, studded tires for optimal traction, and a slightly raised suspension to navigate through snow and ice.

The decision to embark on an unforgettable winter journey to Capo Nord, the northernmost point of the world continental, was a testament to StudioTorino’s commitment to pushing boundaries. The journey covered 850 kilometers from Rovaniemi, known as the capital of the Arctic Circle and Santa Claus’s official residence. The Moncenisio underwent slight modifications, including personalized wheels inscribed with city names and studded tires, ensuring optimal performance in extreme conditions. The expedition, serving both as an adventure and a test, provided valuable insights into the Moncenisio’s resilience, with temperatures reaching as low as minus 26 to 27 degrees Celsius.


In summation, the Porsche Moncenisio emerges not merely as an automotive marvel but as a multifaceted masterpiece, weaving together elements of craftsmanship, heritage, and unforgettable adventures. From its inception to its handcrafted excellence, vibrant color palette, and daring winter odyssey, the Moncenisio stands as a testament to StudioTorino’s unwavering commitment to creating unparalleled automotive works of art. This exceptional project not only pays homage to the past but also serves as a visionary guidepost for future endeavors in the realm of bespoke automotive design, encapsulating the enduring legacy of Alfredo Stola’s vision, the artistic ethos of StudioTorino, and the creative brilliance of Daniele Gaglione.

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In a harmonious fusion of heritage and innovation, Morgan Motor Company and Pininfarina S.p.A. proudly present Midsummer, a limited series special project celebrating over two centuries of coachbuilding excellence.

The Midsummer barchetta design pays homage to the iconic European coachwork style while showcasing the timeless silhouette flexibility of Morgan vehicles. Crafted on the latest Morgan CX-Generation Bonded Aluminium platform, each Midsummer boasts a turbocharged six-cylinder engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission, ensuring a dynamic driving experience.

Central to Midsummer’s allure is the sensory connection it fosters between occupants and machine, achieved through its distinctive style and character. Encapsulating this connection is the exterior’s remarkable use of sustainable teak wood, meticulously laminated to create sculpted wood structures surrounding the cockpit and defining a distinctive shoulder line.

Crafted by hand, each aluminium body panel demands over 250 hours of meticulous labour, a testament to the dedication of Morgan’s skilled artisans. Collaborative efforts between Morgan and Pininfarina’s designers and engineers have resulted in a final design that is both surprising and unique.

Limited to just 50 units, all of which have been eagerly claimed by customers following exclusive preview sessions, Midsummer marks a milestone in automotive craftsmanship. Each vehicle is adorned with the “Pininfarina Fuoriserie” badge, a first for a production car, signifying its exceptional status.

Massimo Fumarola, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, expressed pride in Midsummer, stating, “We are incredibly proud to unveil Midsummer, a limited series special project that celebrates two centuries of coachbuilding and embodies the core values of Morgan. It represents the pinnacle of our talented workforce’s craftsmanship.”

Giuseppe Bonollo, SVP Sales & Marketing of Pininfarina, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Together with Morgan, we are proud to lead the coachbuilding movement. This extraordinary collaboration brings together Morgan’s century-old bodybuilding philosophy with Pininfarina’s nearly 95 years of tradition in designing and crafting bespoke vehicles.”

Midsummer’s design journey was marked by intense collaboration, with designers and engineers from both companies working closely to translate shared ideals into reality. The result is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends Morgan’s rich heritage with Pininfarina’s timeless design language.

From its striking exterior to its meticulously crafted interior, Midsummer embodies the essence of automotive excellence. With its limited production and unparalleled craftsmanship, Midsummer promises to become a coveted collector’s item, cherished by enthusiasts for generations to come