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Est. 1920

Fissore had been founded in 1920 and was based in Savigliano, Cuneo province, not too far away from Turin, it gained a famous presence in the Italian coachbuilding scene thanks to some of the most spectacular light commercial and advertising vehicles ever built. Not that this precluded other creations: with a wide spectrum of automobiles ranging from the aforementioned types to wagons, ambulances and hearses, from sportscars, concept cars, intriguing coupés all the way to beach cars, microbuses, utes and mobile bars, including co-working with automakers as diverse as Brazilian DKW – aka Vemag – and Monteverdi or projects as diverse as the Fiat 130 converted in a Popemobile for Vatican and the splendid Mercedes 170D converted as a quasi sport wagon in 1952, this Piedmontese factory had an important activity, also working together with notables like the same Revelli and Giovanni Michelotti. But what consigned this factory to the automotive history was its heavy involvement in the special segment of advertising or publicity vehicles.

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