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Est. 2011

Granstudio was formed in 2011 in Turin by Lowie Vermeersch and a team of experts, after they had already been responsible for some of the most renowned car designs of recent history. The new studio responded to their wish to expand their expertise beyond the car into the broader field of mobility. They understood that only by taking that future mobility perspective, we can understand the changing role of mobility and see new possibilities for car design innovative mobility.Today this unique combination of vision and expertise allows Granstudio to design future mobility means (cars, vehicles, service & policies) that are successful because they are embedded in their future context.A multi-disciplinary team of 40 people works on a global range of projects that vary from initial research and strategy to production design. The studio also develops independent research projects to explore the future of mobility, cooperating with its reputed sister studio, the reframing experts Reframing Studio, Amsterdam.

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