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Est. 1919

Savio was fouded by the brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Savio. Carrozzeria Savio was initially based in Turin; In 1959, the company was relocated to Moncalieri. In the 1920s and 1930s Savio produced a number of attractive bodies for almost all Italian car brands. With Savio bodies vehicles were equipped by Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Isotta Fraschini, Itala and Lancia. One of the most distinctive vehicles was a Fiat 508-based car called Box Body, which stylistically anticipated many features of the later popular SUV. During the Second World War, Carrozzeria Savio made primarily ambulance. After the war, Antonio Savio separated from the company, which was now continued by Giuseppe Savio alone and was named Stabilimento Savio Giuseppe Carrozziere Automobili. During this time, a focus relationship with Fiat developed. Savio increasingly specialized in the manufacture of ambulances; later, in the 1960s, also added bodies for buses, the company competed with established companies such as Officine Padane. In addition, Savio regularly presented in the 1960s, also beautiful special bodies on the basis of current passenger cars from Fiat. With them Savio aimed in the same niche, which also served Moretti, Giannini or Vignale. Unlike these models, however, Savio's designs were mostly unique pieces, or they were only realized in a few copies on customer request. In larger series Savio produced only three types of vehicles.

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