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Ferrari – 250 GTZ Prototipo


Vehicle Overview

The car with chassis number 1367 was the last of the five 250 GT cars with bodies made by Zagato in the Fifties. This one was built in 1959 and although it was intended for racing, it was never used for this purpose. Compared to its forebears, this car had more delicate, refined styling, and a line that could easily have been used for a small production run. The structure of the front was new, particularly the front grille, the shape of the air inlets and the entire rear end. The windows pointed up and not down, the tail had two long protruding fins, and the rear window had lost the typical styling of the previous models. It did not have the characteristic Double Bubbles but the perspex headlight covers and the minimal bumpers could only have been designed by Zagato.

Technical Specifications

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  • Model
    250 GT Coupé
  • Coachbuilder
  • Length (mm)
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