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Ferrari – F12 Berlinetta


Vehicle Overview

The F12 berlinetta ushers in the new generation of Ferrari extreme V12 cars. A coupéthat delivers unprecedented performance, unique handling, innovative design features and exceptional aerodynamic efficiency. The F12 berlinetta sets a new benchmark in the field of extreme, mid-front engine sports cars and is the most powerful ever built by Ferrari. The design of the F12 berlinetta exalts the harmonious proportions, the aggressive but sleekly contoured lines of a car that delivers exceptional comfort and excellent usability despite its compact dimensions. The completely renewed interior expresses a perfect balance between the forefront technology of the man-machine interface, with all the major controls grouped within easy reach around the driver, and refined hand-crafted details, all essential elements of Ferrari’s DNA. Along with Ferrari, Pininfarina has worked primarily on setting the car with the clear objective to achieve, compared to the F 599, more compact dimensions aiming at reducing weight and consumption and a lower engine and cockpit, with the overall result to lower the center of gravity and assure better performance in terms of handling.Research was steered towards harmonious balance of proportions, while the styling concept focusses onstrong aerodynamic qualitie sable to sculpt and lighten the entire profile of the vehicle, eliminating everything superfluous. Exploitingzones without mechanical obstructions, an air passage has been constructed between the front bonnet and side in a perfect synthesis of form and function. Aerodynamic flow usesthe bonnet to generatedownforceand is channelledand reroutedtowards the side of the carpassing under an Aero Bridge wing. This particularelement channelsair away from the upper part of the car to its flanks where itredirectsthe air from the upper part of the vehicle to the side whereit interacts with the wake from the wheel wells to decreasedrag. The design of the nose, based on the“keel” concept,imagines a front end constructed on two vertical volumes. All the aerodynamic features necessary for such powerful, high performance mechanicals are aligned with this theme: a generously-dimensioned air intake for the radiator, enhanced by the classical Ferrari grille; winged sections under the grille to convey the flow of air to the flat bottom; two side elements in the lower part of the body-coloured bumpers that mark the classical smile of the Ferrari mouth and integrate a new concept of active aerodynamics for cooling of the brakes:two guide vanesthat open or close only if required according totemperature. In the front headlights, the DRL function consists of a light-guide that increases the car’s aggressive look atnight.The rear is dominated by the classical Ferrari transom tail,with two typically Ferrari round tail lights enhanced by the T theme, i.e. a verticalel ement consisting of two body-coloured fins that highlight the central aerodynamic channel connected to the flat bottom.The rear window is slightly recessed in relation to the pillars. Its characteristicdiamond shape also contributes to narrowing the element in the top and bottom part, with a view to reducing weight, while it widens at the centre to increase visibility.The body of the F12berlinetta is designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre and Pininfarina, and shares some styling elements with other recent Ferrari models. This includes a front grille similar to the FF and headlights shared with the FF and 458 Italia. The interior, based on the FF, features new “Frau leather” upholstery with aluminium, Alutex, and carbon fibre trim, and has increased luggage space compared to the 599. In 2014, the F12berlinetta was awarded the XXIII Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI. Accepting the award was Ferrari’s Senior Vice President of Design, Flavio Manzoni.

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