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Fiat – 1100 TV Fissore


Vehicle Overview

The 1100/103 was born in 1953. Of the ancestor 1100 E only the 4-cylinder engine with a lateral camshaft of 1089 cm3 remained. The 103 was launched on the market in April 1953 in two versions, the cheaper Type A, and the Type B, more refined, was characterized by a modern 4-door and 3-volume body (even if the tail was much shorter compared to later models), with integrated mudguards and rounded tail. In October 1953, the 103 TV (Turismo Veloce) version was launched with an enhanced 14 HP engine (for a total of 50, against 36 of the other versions), two-tone paint , richer trims, and a third central headlight (inserted into the grille). In 1956 a restyling affected the 103 sedan and family, giving life to the 103 E series. In addition of the changes in the front (new grille) and the interior (dashboard, instrumentation, heating), the sedan benefited from a new design of the rear lights and a different positioning of the spare wheel in the luggage compartment. The TV adopted a new front grille and the two-tone painting as well. From a technical point of view, in addition to a slightly upgraded engines (50 hp for the normal versions and 53 for the TVs), all versions adopted a new transmission shaft. The 1100 TV in this photos was build from Fissore di Savigliano with a special and unique set-up and a right-hand drive.

Technical Specifications

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    1100 TV Berlinetta
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