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Lancia – Flaminia Sport


Vehicle Overview

Post-war, Lancia was well-known for producing some of the most sophisticated, technically advanced and elegant cars in the world. The Lancia Flaminia began production in 1957 and replaced the Aurelia as the flagship model. It was available throughout its lifetime as a saloon, coupe and cabriolet with the most sought-after example being the Sport coupe which was a two-seater built on a short wheelbase chassis. Of these sport examples, the most collectible are the 99, Series 1 cars which were bodied by Zagato, featuring covered headlights and the synonymous ‘double-bubble’ roof with improved aerodynamics. These Zagato Series 1 cars remain the rarest and most sought-after of all variants that were built before production ended in 1967. The Flaminia Sport Zagato Series 1 cars were powered by Lancia’s legendary 2,458 cc free revving and torquey V-6 engine which was mated to a four-speed manual transmission. The engine design was hugely successful, it showed how advanced Lancia’s 1950’s designs and technology really was.

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    Flaminia Sport
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