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Monteverdi – High Speed 375 S


Vehicle Overview

The Monteverdi High Speed is a series of sports cars with different bodies produced from 1967-1976 by Swiss automaker Monteverdi.
The first model, the High Speed 375 S, was a two-seater coupe with a body designed by Pietro Frua in Turin. Some details were found on the Monteverdi that took up features of Frua’s earlier work. Notably the Maserati Mistral and the British AC 428 had obvious similarities. Some sources claim that the similarities go so far that individual components of these cars, such as glass sections and doors, are interchangeable.
The High Speed 375 S was presented in September 1967 at the 43rd IAA at the booth of the company Auto Becker and received very positive reviews. For example, Zürcher Zeitung Blick saw it as “the most beautiful shapes ever seen between the Alps and the English Channel”. In addition to the elegant bodywork and solid handling, the luxurious and well-finished interior was particularly well received. As late as 1967, regular production started, which was designed to be work-sharing. At first, the workers in Monteverdi’s Binninger workshop provided the chassis with motor and drive technology. The roadworthy chassis was then delivered to Turin, where Frua put on the body and completed the car. The ready-to-drive vehicle was then returned to Monteverdi. In this way, in the first six months of cooperation between Monteverdi and Frua, a total of twelve coupés were produced.

Technical Specifications

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    High Speed 375 S
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