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The Michelotti O.S.C.A. which inspired the Fulvia Coupé

In 1960 Fiat made the prestigious mechanics of the Maserati brothers available to coachbuilders at a reasonable price; the O.S.C.A. twin-shaft engine derived from racing was an irresistible attraction for the creators of the “custom-built” cars so fashionable at the time. Michelotti also answered by building 3 speciments based on the 1500 and 1600 chassis.

While many coachbuilders proposed customary themes on the this chassis, Michelotti condensed in its creation a long series of stylistic innovations that will be re-proposed in series production only many years later.

Made without a mold according to the artisanal techique, the roof of Michelotti’s O.S.C.A., which anticipated that of the Lancia Fulvia coupé, was filled with tin where it is difficult to model; the hood also shows extensive use of this material, but this time his commitment facilitates the search for the right volume ratio by “swelling” the sheet where necessary. The side- and bonnet corners are also shapes that we will find on the Fulvia Coupé.

The chassis of the O.S.C.A. derived from that of the old Fiat 1200, essentially a project that dated back to 1953 and forced the designers to perform authentic miracles to overcome the difficulties in bodywork  the obsolete mechanics.

The idea of ​​framing the tail with a chromed line will be taken up again in the Fulvia, here the chromium plating will also rise to surround the edges of the abruptly truncated fender. In 1960 it would have been a heresy to clean cut the tail of a non-racing car and Michelotti as well tried to connect the crest of the fenders to the tail with a soft line.

Alain Berteau, a well-known French automotive journalist, heavily criticized the car’s roof at the time. Michelotti, made him promise that if within a few years he will see another car with a similar roof design, he would have to apologize. And Alain Berteau did, when the Mercedes Pagoda was unveiled. Since then they have become great friends.

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Auto transport giants like A1 Auto Transport have been in the industry for over 30 years.

But how do they operate, and how can they help Italian Coachbuilders with shipping?

Below we’ll get into all of that with some choice words from Tony Taylor, the founder of A1 Auto Transport.

How Does A1 Auto Operate?

A1 Auto Transport, a top-rated auto shipping company, works to ship all kinds of vehicles from point A to point B. While this sounds simple, the logistics behind a worldwide automobile shipping company are fascinating.

A1 Auto works with many carriers, like Trans Global Auto Logistics, CFR Rinkens, ABC Worldwide LLC, Intl Cargo, and many more. By connecting consumers with plenty of carriers, they can choose whichever they work with and can negotiate down the price.

All that’s needed from the consumer is to contact A1 Auto to find out more about how much the shipping will cost, the shipping times, and much more. A1 also helps transport heavy equipment, RVs, ATVs, electric bikes, and even furniture.

The goal for A1 Auto Transport is to become the largest auto shipping company in the USA. In time, and with our hefty goals, we aim to help as many customers ship their vehicles without any worry.

What are Some Challenges A1 Auto Transport Faces?

As with most online businesses, the biggest factor is how people come to the website. Google constantly updates its algorithm, and this means that there are constant fluctuations in how many people are visiting the website.

This factor is also something you cannot account for, or future-proof, as the internet is constantly changing and evolving. The best you can hope to do is future-proof the website by creating amazing content, building great backlinks, and as well utilizing other forms of traffic, like paid advertising.

Another challenge is the constant problems that the shipping industry faces, like delays, accidents, mechanical problems, and even extreme weather. When thousands (or sometimes, hundreds of thousands) of dollars of vehicles are locked up, customers can start to become upset during difficult moments during transport.

However, with insurance, there is no reason for customers to worry. Delays however are a real problem for any shipping company and consumers need to be aware that it takes time to transport vehicles. They are not tiny boxes, they are huge machines that take time to transport and things happen along the way that can create delays.

What Does the Future of A1 Auto Transport Look Like?

The future for A1 Auto Transport is going to be a much more green future. With electric vehicles becoming a mainstay in our current culture, planning to turn all the carriers into electric vehicles is going to be a challenge, but it will benefit everyone in the end.

A1 Auto is also focusing on becoming as big as possible. With plenty of different forms of advertising, A1 Auto has a plan in mind to take over the auto shipping industry. A1 also works together with other companies, like moving services, to help consumers have an all-in-one option.

Customer service is also another area that we focus on, as bad reviews over time can lead to fewer conversions. It’s important to always remember the customer comes first, and that each customer is provided with care and excellence, as repeat customers are another form of business that is hard to calculate.

What’s the Hardest Part About the Auto Shipping Industry?

The hardest part about working in the auto industry is the stress. With vehicles worth sometimes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, it means the stake of the company is at risk with every delivery.

That’s why we focus on providing results in an honest, and fair manner. There are plenty of shady transportation services that rip off their customers, and that’s not A1 Auto. With over 30 years in the game, we’re trying to step up the bottom line for our consumers so they never have anything bad to say about the company.

In times when things do go wrong, like late delivery, we always try to satisfy the customer as much as possible. There are solutions to every problem, but sometimes vehicles arrive late, and that’s simply due to unforeseen logistics like weather.


In conclusion, A1 Auto Transport, a seasoned player in the auto shipping industry, operates by connecting consumers with a network of carriers, offering a wide range of vehicle transport services. Challenges include navigating the ever-changing online landscape and dealing with shipping-related issues. A1 Auto Transport’s future goals encompass a greener approach, expanding its presence, and maintaining a strong focus on exceptional customer service, aiming to secure long-term success in the industry.