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Est. 1959

Giovanni Michelotti was one of the most prolific designers of cars in the 20th century. His notable contributions were for Ferrari, Lancia, Maserati, Triumph, BMW and many  more. Giovanni Michelotti was also associated with truck designs for Leyland Motors, and with designs for British Leyland after the merger of Leyland and BMC.  Born in Turin, Italy, Giovanni Michelotti started his career at Stabilimenti Farina, but worked as freelancer with other coachbuilder such as Vignale, Ghia-Aigle, Scioneri, Monterosa, Viotti and Allemano, before opening his own coachbuilder in 1959. Here are listed all cars built by his company. If you are instead looking for all his designs which he made for other coachbuilders, then click here.

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