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A car is the product of a feeling, or rather, a series of feelings

Best in Show
  • 1949 Viareggio
  • 1939 C d'E Torino
  • 2017 Villa d'Este
  • 2005 Villa d'Este
  • 2011 Villa d'Este
  • 2010 Pebble Beach
Compasso d’Oro
  • 2004 Compasso d’Oro
Category Winner
  • 2019 Kyoto
  • 1967 Cortina
  • 2017 Mantova
  • 1969 C d'E Roma
  • 1955 C d'E Campione d'Italia
Car Design Award Concept
  • 1985 Car Design Award Concept
Special Prize
  • 2022 Pebble Beach


Est. 1912

The company was based in Grugliasco in northern Italy. Gruppo Bertone was founded as Carrozzeria Bertone in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone. Designer Nuccio Bertone took charge of the company after World War II and the company was divided into two units: Carrozzeria for manufacturing and Stile Bertone for styling. Until its bankruptcy in 2014, the company was headed by the widow of Nuccio Bertone, Lilli Bertone. After its bankruptcy, the Bertone name was retained by some of its former employees who continued as a Milan-based design company, Bertone Design.


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