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Best in Show
  • 1925 C d'E Monte Carlo
Special Prize
  • 1922 C d'E Monte Carlo
Category Winner
  • 1923 C d'E Monte Carlo


Est. 1914

The Carrozzeria Garavini was founded in Turin in 1908 by Eusebio Garavini under the name "Carrozzeria Piemonte".  Eusebio Garavini was born in 1881. In 1899 he was worker for Diatto company. And in 1908 he managed to tie co-work agreement with Diatto. In the first years of activity he set up exclusively the frames produced by the Diatto and soon the two companies merged into the "Diatto and Garavini". In 1914 the "Garavini SA" was born, followed by the "Garavini Carrozzeria Stabilimenti" in 1933. The company suffered massive damages during the First World War, but managed to build some luxury cars for Itala, Isotta Fraschini, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, OM and Bugatti, as well as numerous ambulances and buses.  In 1927, Garavini patented the "Pluemelastica" and "Plumacciaio" systems, a valid alternative to the famous patent "Weyman elastic body", to solve the problem of the poor rigidity of the frames that, also because of the bad roads, urged the bodywork to the point of injury. It was therefore necessary to anchor the body in an elastic way, also reducing the noise level.  In 1947 Aldo Garavini took over the company after his father's death.  Concetrating for buses and despite recognition, orders and awards the Viberti and Garavani stop its work in 1958.

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