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Working side-by-side with the Citroën technicians led to the development of the ZX, the model that was to replace the aging GS. At Bertone, a saloon was designed that had the same disposition as the top-of-the-range Xm, even if of considerably reduced dimensions: two volumes, heavily sloping bonnet, low and wide radiator grill, plenty of room for five people. Of extremely equilibrated line-but, perhaps, to similar to that of others models in the range- the ZX positioned itself as a valid alternative to its principal competitors in segment C of the market. The basic engine of 1124 cc, 60hp at 6200 rpm was joned by another seven petrol and diesel unit, all of them four-cylinders, up to a two-litre 16 valve that produced 155 hp at 6500 rpm. It was a car much appreciated for the valid ratio between its contained external dimensions (lenght 4070 mm) and its great deal of interior room. The ZX remained in production until 1997, by wich time 1,675,892 units had been manufactured.

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