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Rolls-Royce Phantom loses two doors: Ares Modena makes it sexier

Here's how Ares Modena customized the famous Rolls-Royce model

In a market where exclusivity is reigns supreme, the Italian company has redefined the canons of automotive luxury by transforming the Phantom into a two-door coupe. The design team, through skillful downsizing of proportions, has given the vehicle a sleeker, more dynamic appearance.

Available in two colors

Available in two colors, black and white, each speciment of the Coupé is distinguished by rose gold details on the engine hood and windshield frame, a touch of sophistication that underscores its uniqueness.

Not neglecting the technical aspect, Ares Modena equipped the Ares Coupe with 24-inch wheels and 10-inch forged rims, optimized to support the rear-wheel drive of the 2.6-ton sedan. This choice highlights a perfect balance between technological advancement, superlative quality and craftsmanship.

Custom interior

Inside, the Italian coachbuilder has created an environment that reflects the ultimate in luxury and customization. The transformation to coupe required a complete redesign of the interior, with new panels and seats that maintain the exceptional comfort characteristic of the luxurious Rolls-Royce. The use of diamond-textured embossed leather further emphasizes the exclusivity of the interior.

Ares Modena used only the highest quality materials in the construction of the Ares Coupe, with carbon fiber exterior panels, an exclusive two-tone paint job and skirts also made of carbon fiber. Every aspect of the car, from the antenna to the front seats, is customizable, making each Coupe unique and reflective of the owner’s individual preferences.

Exclusivity is further guaranteed by limited production. Each unit is made with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that Ares Modena’s legacy of creating automotive masterpieces is respected and carried on. Under the new body, the special Rolls-Royce Phantom has retained the 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine, which produces 563 hp of power and 900 Nm of maximum torque. It is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. Ares Modena has created several one-offs in the past, including the Bentley Mulsanne Coupe.

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AGTZ Twin Tail

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the renowned Italian coachbuilder Zagato and the innovative La Squadra have joined forces to usher the art of coachbuilding into a new era. Unveiled at Zagato’s historic Milan atelier, the AGTZ Twin Tail represents a daring fusion of art and engineering, seamlessly blending heritage with cutting-edge technology. Andrea Zagato, whose grandfather founded Carrozzeria Zagato in 1919, emphasizes the importance of telling the stories of iconic cars from the past to inspire future generations.

The AGTZ Twin Tail draws inspiration from the A220, a car that, despite falling short of its Le Mans victory target in the late 1960s, left an indelible mark. The designers, refusing to accept defeat, transformed the A220 by slicing its bodywork and creating a 30cm-shorter tail. This decision redirected the car’s focus to shorter circuits and rally stages, resulting in podium finishes that solidified its place in automotive history.

Zagato’s modern reinterpretation, the AGTZ Twin Tail, breathes new life into the A220’s tenacious spirit. Built on the chassis of the Alpine A110 berlinette, a contemporary mid-engine icon, this thoroughly modern GT car offers a dramatic twist. The car’s design allows owners to choose between a longtail for tailored elegance or a shorttail for a muscular punch. Limited to just 19 units, production has already begun, with prices starting at €650,000 before taxes.

The AGTZ Twin Tail celebrates its racecar ancestor’s legacy through groundbreaking innovation. The car seamlessly integrates the original A220 longtail’s stunning aerodynamics with the muscular intent of the shorttail. What was once a destructive transformation is now repeatable at the owner’s whim, thanks to a removable longtail that transforms the car into a piece of exquisite automotive sculpture. This bold vision propels the world of coachbuilding forward with renewed vigor, showcasing the seamless marriage of heritage and progress.

The collaboration between Zagato and La Squadra has given birth to the AGTZ Twin Tail, a modern masterpiece that pays homage to the iconic A220 while pushing the boundaries of coachbuilding innovation. With its limited production and the ability to transform between longtail and shorttail, this unique GT car invites automotive enthusiasts to be a part of a historic narrative that seamlessly bridges the past and the future.