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Will we see a new Alfa Romeo Zagato in 2022?

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in coachbuilt cars, as more and more people are looking for a unique driving experience. Whether it’s a classic design or something more modern, these cars offer a level of luxury. There are a few coachbuilders who still produce cars in limited numbers, but the art of coachbuilding is slowly dying out. This is because it is becoming increasingly difficult to built bespoke cars on modern donor cars because of the safety regolations. Let’s discover what the year 2022 will bring.

La dolce vita: the Spiaggina beach cars

The birth of the Spiaggina (Spiaggia = Beach) takes place in the immediate post-war period at the initiative of some Italian coachbuilders which transformed small mass production cars in order to make them suitable for the needs of wealthy customers during the holiday period in the seaside resorts.

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Muray: the Italian Dream

This version of an extreme yet elegant sports car, produced by Italdesign on a Corvette chassis and mechanicals is distinguished by a pure profile, shaped by the waves and characterised by long, tapering, headlights, which suggested its name. The door window half dome, which is the side window and roof at the same time, opens with a gull wing mechanism and is hinged to the rear pillar to promote access to the passenger compartment.