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The Chevrolet Corvette Moray: the American-Italian Dream

The Chevrolet Corvetto Moray, a collaboration between Italdesign Giugiaro and the Corvette, is an extreme yet elegant sports car. Its pure profile, inspired by flowing waves and highlighted by long, tapering headlights, defines its sleek appearance. The gull-wing door window half dome, functioning as both side window and roof, opens dramatically, enhancing access to the passenger compartment. This fusion of design and practicality embodies the seamless blend of artistry and engineering in the Corvetto Moray.

The DeLorean DMC12, Back to the Future

The DeLorean DMC-12 is the only car model built by the DeLorean Motor Company, from 1981 to 1982.

The DMC-12 featured gullwing doors and unpainted stainless steel bodywork. About 9,200 examples of DMC-12 were produced. The car became world famous for its appearance in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future film trilogy, in which a specimen was used by Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown as the basis for his time machine.

The Ferrari GG50 by Giorgetto Giugiaro: A personal celebration

In the realm of automotive design, milestones are often marked by extraordinary creations that transcend the boundaries of tradition. The Ferrari GG50, conceived by the visionary Giorgetto Giugiaro to celebrate 50 years in the world of car design, stands as a testament to innovation while paying homage to the iconic Ferrari tradition. This article delves into the philosophy, exterior design, and unique features of this extraordinary vehicle.