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NamX HUV, the innovative hydrogen SUV designed by Pininfarina

Pininfarina and France’s Namx look to the mobility of the future with HUV, the world’s first car partially powered by a patented removable tank system that aims to make hydrogen available for large-scale private vehicles.

The SUV prototype – presented as world preview at the Pininfarina headquarters in Cambiano – is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and equipped with a fixed tank and six removable capsules, which guarantee a total range of 800 kilometers.

Designed in partnership with Pininfarina, the HUV will be marketed in the end of 2025, with a price between 65,000 and 95,000 euros.

“We have a double ambition, to become a new point of reference in the world of zero-emission cars and to constantly explore new territories in order to facilitate the mobility of the consumers. Namx is a collective project created with the best industrial and technical partners of Europe and Africa” explains Faouzi Annaiah, founder and president of Namx.
“Pininfarina is not just design and style, but also innovation and has the ability to give life to a vision of a sustainable future. The Namx HUV is part of our DNA: it’s about creating the best driving experience for unlimited mobility, with style.” says Paolo Pininfarina. “This car represents a very important exercise in understanding where the mobility of the future is going. It is a hydrogen electric car with a range that allows you to make a long journey. We have always been interested in hydrogen, investing in research and prototypes. Namx is an interesting startup”,  underlines the managing director Silvio Angori. 

The Namx HUV will be presented to the public in autumn at the Paris Motor Show. It is already available for pre-order on the Namx website.

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With the new Tender2, Carrozzeria Castagna inaugurates a series of one-offs derived from the electric Fiat 500, after several creations based on the combustion-engined model, also under the Abarth brand. The atelier, which has acquired no fewer than 32 3D printers for the carbon customisation of its new models, has created this example for the Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Blevio, whose guests can now rent this little beach car with a canopy to enjoy the view of Lake Como.

Built in eight months on the basis of the “La Prima” launch edition, the Tender 2 sports a tone-on-tone mustard yellow bodywork, combined with a Sapelli mahogany wood kit with eight-layer workmanship inspired by the most classic Riva motorboats, to give this material a characteristic shiny, almost glassy effect. Even the chrome-plated ‘comet’, which is placed on the lower part of the side, is inspired by nautical elements, such as the side air exhausts of the Riva boats themselves.

Inside are two BMW-derived power seats, customised with brown eco-leather upholstery in different tones, which also characterises the lower part of the dashboard, the armrest and other elements of the passenger compartment. The backrests of these seats are made of yellow-grey-brown nautical fabric with a houndstooth motif, which is also echoed in the large, horizontally developed element of the dashboard. There is also a soft carpet covering at the occupants’ feet.

The rear of the car is where the nautical inspiration is most evident, thanks to an extensive use of mahogany and the presence of the side lockers, with relative hatches. On the entrance threshold the presence of a steel door sill is evident, whose chrome finish is recalled by the cap at the bottom of the floor: by lifting it, it is possible to take advantage of the supplied shower. Here again there is no absence of wicker, a classic in Castagna customisation.