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The PURA Vision: after the Battista hypercar, Automobili Pininfarina presents the hyperSUV

As imposing as it is elegant, the Pura Vision will inspire Pininfarina's signature production models of the coming years

Automobili Pininfarina has unveiled a new concept called the Pura Vision, which is described by the brand as the beginning of a “pioneering new era of electric luxury.”

Described as an electric Luxury Utility Vehicle (e-LUV), the Pura Vision will inspire the brand’s next generation of purely electric luxury vehicles and will be showcased at Monterey Car Week Aug. 17-20.

Massive and futuristic

The Pura Vision is among the largest creations ever signed by Pininfarina. 5.22 m long, 2.15 m wide and 1.64 m high, the concept is vaguely reminiscent in style of the 1947 Cisitalia 202, the first vehicle ever to enter the collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Arts.

The SUV’s design is striking for its extremely curvaceous and clean lines characterized by the absence of pillars, “hidden” headlights in the front, and a very dynamic and muscular flank.

The Bianco Sestriere Gloss hue contrasts with the carbon fiber elements and gloss black floating roof, while the 23-inch alloy wheels add to the concept’s grandeur.

The prototype also features an innovative panoramic roof with a fixed center section illuminated by a ring of LED lights. This section connects the large windshield with the tailgate and also “supports” the large side windows in one piece.

The front doors are hinged upward, while the rear doors are hinged at the rear and, in combination with the pillarless opening, offer unrestricted access to the spacious passenger compartment with 2+2 configuration.

A luxurious and high-tech interior

The Pininfarina welcomes occupants into a spacious, light-filled cabin with a design inspired by the world of luxury sailboats. Indeed, the suspended “floating” front seats recall the style of the hull, while the center console reminiscent of a sail boom.

The large dashboard houses a central touchscreen that lifts off the console at certain stages of driving, advanced digital instrumentation and a head-up display, all of which can be configured by the driver. In addition, speakers in the headrests offer individual sound zones for each occupant.

The material mix includes charcoal-colored leather, semi-aniline leather, fabric, carbon fiber, and anodized aluminum.

Unfortunately, Pininfarina did not reveal details about the powertrain. Therefore, we do not know whether the Pura Vision will be powered by four electric motors with a total of 1,900 hp like the Battista. The company merely said that models inspired by the Pura Vision will be conceived, designed and developed in Italy and will be equipped with advanced technologies pioneered at the company’s Digital Innovation Hub in Germany.

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Automobili Pininfarina, the pinnacle of Italian luxury automotive design, has unveiled the Battista Cinquantacinque, a hyper GT paying homage to the timeless elegance of the 1955 Lancia Florida. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece blends cutting-edge technology with the spirit of classic Italian design, capturing the essence of automotive history.

Named “Cinquantacinque,” meaning 55 in Italian, the car’s moniker pays homage to the legendary Pininfarina-designed classic car. The Battista Cinquantacinque proudly showcases the iconic Blu Savoia Gloss bodywork and a contrasting Bianco Sestriere Gloss roof, inspired by the original Lancia Florida show car.

The Lancia Florida, created by Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, served as a muse for the creation of the Battista Cinquantacinque. Farina, the visionary behind the classic model, also lent his name to the fastest and most powerful Italian road car, the Battista.

The exterior of the Battista Cinquantacinque features flawless Blu Savoia Gloss paint, complemented by a Bianco Sestriere Gloss roof and Brushed Anodised jewelry pack. Inside, the bespoke Mahagoni Poltrona Frau Heritage Leather upholstery exudes luxury and sophistication.

Each Battista Cinquantacinque bears unique inscriptions, including the signature ‘Cinquantacinque 55’ on the passenger door plate and the underside of the active rear wing, signifying its heritage and provenance.

Underneath its exquisite exterior lies a powerful heart—a 1,900hp electric powertrain propelled by four independent motors and a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery. With staggering performance figures like 0-100 kph in 1.86 seconds and a driving range of up to 476 km, the Battista Cinquantacinque promises an exhilarating driving experience.

Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer at Automobili Pininfarina, expressed his excitement, stating, “This was a truly special and unique opportunity to design a car that pays homage to Pininfarina SpA’s heritage.” Amantea highlighted the significance of the Lancia Florida’s influence on both the Battista Cinquantacinque and the PURA Vision design concept, setting the stage for future Automobili Pininfarina models.

The Battista Cinquantacinque will make its debut in Tokyo, Japan, alongside retail partner SKY GROUP, marking Automobili Pininfarina’s global expansion. Clients in the region will experience the brand’s promise of ‘Dream Cars. Made Real.’ firsthand, with each hand-crafted vehicle tailored to reflect the personality of its owner.

Automobili Pininfarina’s dedication to crafting bespoke masterpieces ensures that each vehicle leaving the Atelier facility in Cambiano is a unique expression of luxury and automotive excellence, rooted in Italian heritage and innovation.